IRATA's mission is:


To aim for zero errors and accidents in Safety and Work Quality.


To provide Association representatives able to give informed opinion and advice to external bodies such as CEN and BSI.


To prepare submission to government departments on matters such as health and safety and training, e.g. Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Energy, Health & Safety Executive.


To assist working parties charged with commenting on and discussing existing and draft legislation directives.


To indicate areas of research and development where initiatives are required to solve problems facing the industry.


To assist in the provision of appropriate educational training and certification opportunities for personal employment in Industrial Rope Access.


To provide a forum for the free and informal exchange of experience and opinion.


To provide guidance on training and certification of personnel involved in Industrial Rope Access and guidance on good working practice.

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What is IRATA?


The purpose of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is to ensure that any rope access work done by IRATA members is carried out in a safe and high quality manner.


IRATA members are required to abide by a Code of Ethics and are subject to a strict audit by independent, qualified inspectors to ensure that all of the Association's requirements of Quality Assurance, Safety, Training and Working Practices are being met.


IRATA provides a verifiable and internationally respected Industrial Rope Access qualification system.

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What is IRATA? The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association
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